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Badehaus Goor
1999: Bathhouse Goor
STEPHANundVERENA fill the rooms of the buildings up with art installations built on-site.
2007: Ancient milkshop and creamery, Pfarrkirchen

They combine modern media (video, audio, lights, computer) with found materials at the place telling together the story of the buildings.

2002: Art in the supermarket, Neuwied
Sometimes they provoke positive - sometimes negative feelings, sometimes they just make you fell pissing..
2001: Castle of Dudeldorf
Videos, special light effects or wellknown sounds like heartbeat or breathing enhance the feeling of the spectator.
1999: Circle of pictures with lighthouse, Putbus / isle of rügen
Objects, pictures and installations are integrated and presented in both the interior and exterior of the building.
2000: TV monitor in the bottle isle of Rügen
They try together to transport the deeper sense of the exhibition.
1995: Judged witches at the castle of Grimburg
1996: Roominstallation with speech of the indian chieftain Seattle