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Wolfram Huschke
1999: Art in the park with Wolfram Huschkes first performing with the philharmonic orchestra Minsk
For the openings STEPHANundVERENA organise and carry out events which fit to the subject of the exhibition in the special surrounding.
Dudeldorfer Dudelsackpfeifer
2001: Opening of the 4 courses fingerfoodmenue with the Dudeldorf Pipes and Drums
They invite friends or colleagues from other art branches like theatre, musik, or performances.
Voltaehr mit Loschi
2001: Musical fusion of north and south: Voltähr from Trier with seaman Loschi from Rostock
The empty buildings become alive again,
2004: Opening at the Beck´s beach
become socially acceptable and turn into a cultural meeting point.
2001: Castle of Dudeldorf at Halloween
The guests can approach through the art and the culinary delight.
Always and ever: culinary delight