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2007: Paining of the picture: "Gartlberg" in the studio of the Alten Molkerei in Pfarrkirchen
All the pictures are done together. From the first conception to the final stroke of brush.
Verena mit Jimi
2001: Technique with spatula and Jimi the gentle dole
The techniques are on the one hand oil or a mixture on canvas or wood painted with all kind of tools like wipes, rollers, spatulas, bushes or even fingers.
2001: The viscously oil colour is spread with rollers.
The main technique is a special kind of printing, made with oil printing colours which is spread with rubber or leather rollers on a thin aluminium sheet,
2002: Printing in the studio of the Alten Probstei Münstermaifeld
then printed with the manual art printing press, which you can see at the bottom of the page, on thick paper.
2005: Resin collages for the house of parliament
This artprints are called monotypes and are like the paintings unique originals.
2005: Syncronised working
For every exhibition 10 to 50 pictures are made according to the special subject.



2006: Contemplation of the latest works
the printing of the monotypes