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2001 At the castle of Dudeldorf: Videotaping for an installation
The artists move in the chosen buildings with their working materials such as:
2001: Plastering with loam and Jimi, the gentle Dole
Tools, video and photo equipment , Computers.
2002: Packing the van for the next exhibition
They try to collect most of the working materials locally, either from residents or the firms or shops of the town.
2004: Preparation of the Beck´s videoinstallation with GAB and FLO
So they do to get informations and storys about the history of the buildings and actual and historical incidents of the respective town.
2004: Final works for art´n drink
In this phase of the project they get deeply involved  with the  local residents, because the artists try to get to the bottom of their living conditions.

2004: Rainforest ambience for Krombacher object

Also they need to ask for advice and the inhabitants always like to help with words and deeds.
2002: Basic works for video installation
The artists don´t destroy, they try to reinforce the charisma of the buildings and their history with colour, sound, light and by obscuring ugly parts.
2004: Background construction