Openings "Open Memorial Monuments" of the region Hettstedt

and temporary Multimedia Art Exhibition

in the big castle hall of Sonnenschloss Walbeck

at the 8th of September at 10am


Heidrun and Peter Endres
Petra Wernicke
Danny Kavalier

Laudatio: Rudi Peters

Presentation of the participating sites:

Sonnenschloss Walbeck - Heidrun and Peter Endres
Karmeliterkloster - Florian Wend
Brauhaus - Herr Spieler
Druckerei Heise - Herr Miche
Jakobikirche - Herr Sommer
Gangolfkirche - Frau Hornickel
Saigertor - Herr Prochnow
Mansfeld-Museum - Frau Haberland
Flamme der Freundschaft - Herr Hentschel
Kunstzuckerhut - Herr Illmer
Andreaskirche Walbeck - Frau Gärtner
Planteurhaus und Adelheidseiche - Frau Alfter

musical framework: Fanfarenzug Hettstedt

11am to 18pm: free access to the main building with the art exhibition and parts of the sidebuildings used by the exhibition
12, 14 and 16pm: guided visits through the castle with Heidrun and Peter Endres

music in the blue salon of the exhibition: Genosse Oberstleutnant L. mit seinen Kampfliedovertüren
classical oboe and guitar with Beatrix Lampadius and Enrico

grilled sucking pig made by the Trägerverein Tierpark
coffee and cakes made by the Bastelklub Walbeck
cold drinks by the Feuerwehr Walbeck


The art exhibition will be open friday till sunday in september and oktober from 2pm to 6 pm.




Influx of Visitors at the Sonnenschloss

Great Concern for the Building and the Art

StephanundVerena invited the public to the opening of the art exhibition they had worked out during the previous 4 months.
They also invited the public to visit the castle of Walbeck again since 20 years of standing empty and beeing locked.
And they also invited the persons being in charge of other historical sites in the region opened at that day to give them an opportunity to present their sites.
The artists also invited the local associations to help out with the catering of the guests.

For the opening over 1000 visitors came and over the whole day there were plenty of curious people coming and going - for the art and for the building.

In their opening speech STEPHANUundVERENA welcomed all the guests, Heidrun and Peter Endress, the owners of the castle told about what they already did and about the future plans with the castle, Petra Wernicke, former German Minister of Agriculture and mayor of the village congratulated for the great success and the loads of work, Frau Kosiol talked about the importance of such events for saving the historic and traditional buildings and Rudi Peters reported his experiences with the work of the artist at his farm at Scharnhorst, one year ago.

The highlight of the day was the physical opening of the castle. With their art events, STEPHANundVERENA want to achieve that the public gets again access to historical, mostly huge and uneconomicaly buildings, for to let flow the energies between present and past, between old and young, between rich and poor...

The artists followed the history of the castle back to the 10th century where it was a very important place for the politics. In the following years the wife of the emperor Otto the 1st, Adelheid von Burgund established here a monastry.
All these stories influenced and provoked the art installations, which where shown in all reachable rooms and the 60 pictures, STEPHANundVERENA painted during their stay at the castle.

Every room embraces one special theme which is closely connected to the castle, like the plague, the time of emperor and kings, the church with the monastry, the GDR past, where the castle was a boarding school...

The materials used for the art installation were all found at the castle area or lend from inhabitants of the village, who were connected to the agrocultural past, because during GDR times the castle was a huge meat producing agricultural industrial concern.

The art exhibition will be open friday till sunday in september and oktober from 2pm to 6 pm. The entrance will be free!