donne felici

Trio „Donne felici“ play in the blue salon at Sonnenschloss Walbeck

A colourful program from aria of baroque to the broadway song with oboe, piano and vocals.

Donne felici

Planed was a public rehearsal, but what the entused visitors of the concert heard, was a professional performance on a very high level.Donne feliciAfter visiting the exhibition the musical artists ask STEPHANundVERENA to perform a rehearsal in the ambience of the exhibition.

Donne feliciWith charme, humour and spontaneity the three ladies guided through their program. They chose the epochs of origin fitting to the times touched by the installations of STEPHANundVERENA. They played Mozart and Schumann, but also own compositions and Jazz.

Donne felici The three musicians from Aschersleben and Bernburg, Beatrix Lampadius (oboe), Annelie Leuthäuser, (vocals) and Shanna Griniwa on the piano, brought an diversified afternoon to the cheerful audience.

Donne felici