Thank you, WALTER!




sonnenschloss walbeck

um die sonne ein himmel


an gerupftem geriffeltem


franst die blaulöcher

die wetterfahne derer von


quietscht in die kollektoren


wird vergehendes gesammelt für


bleibt verdunkelt vor woltähr

- es wird nacht -

von böllern begrüßt

& der lyra


sang der barde im kuhstall nicht


trinken wir zusammen

auf abgelaufenem parkett stampfen


schaffen zusammen



(mit super8 geistern und unzählbaren im schloss)

!so ein durst! dem tod


& unser aller seelen ab

© MariAnne Conradi // 2013


Old Songs in a great Ambiance

Songwriter Walter Liederschmitt performed at Sonnenschloss Walbeck

The two "castle artists" STEPHANundVERENA had invited a friend and artist, singer/songwriter from Trier for a special event. The first time since 20 years the audience had the chance to enter the castle of Walbeck. The people of the little village were very curious. And they had been recompensed with an awsome evening in a great ambience. The artists had cleaned the hall, were in former times the cows had their home. And they arranged a stage and a bar with buffet were drinks and food were served for free.

Woltähr explained his lyrics which were in french, english but also in celtic, welsh and breton to the audience and made a performance out of the explanation. In adition he explained his various instruments like the concertina from Klingental, the lyre guitars and pipes and had to tell a lot of stories from former times. He did like the bards must have told the nons with their lyrics and songs about the worlds business and politics in the middle age at the castle of Walbeck.

The audience which filled up the big hall till to the last seat was totally impressed by this extraordinary performance and thanked which loads of applause.

Whith this successful and well organised event STEPHANundVERENA showed their talent and professionality and made the audience curious for the announced multimedial exhibition in the main buildings of the castle. The opening will be at the 8th of september 2013