Formula 1 2001

Fine Art from STEPHANundVERENA


Exhibition from the 21st of june till to the 15th of july 2001 in the
Museum of Motorsports from BMW at the Nürburgring.


Entrance: Ralph Schumacher (BMW) and "David"


The pictures exhibited at the Nürburgring show the cars from the races in Austria and Monaco from the year 2001.
At that time the artists were living near by the race track and got the inspiration from visits and talks with insiders.

The exhibition was opened during the weekend of the Luxembourg Grand Prix and was shown for one month in the rooms of the recreational park and in the BMW exposition hall.

German television broadcasted a sports show from the BMW hall and the pictures of STEPHANundVERENA were hanging for the interviews in the background.

In the front: Michael Schumachers first cars  
Our graphics on the backwall.
Montoyas real car, and in the background the painted Montoya.

The large - size pictures were painted with brushes, spatulas, wipers and fingers with öil and water colours on canvas.

The graphics are monotypes framed behind glass. They are printed with a special technique and printing machine on thick paper. Every picture is an unique, not reproducable original.


The paintings accompanied the visitors through the museum.